Tools and Garden Accessories

.20170510_110528 20170510_110518 20170510_104035 20170510_103931   20170510_103722 20170510_103713 20170510_103704 20170510_103543 20170510_103535   20170510_103438 20170510_103428 20170510_103418     20170503_144230 20170503_144238   20170419_132415_resized 20170419_132544_resized                                 20170419_132437_resized20170510_103452     20170510_103358           20170510_103818                                                                     We carry a large variety of garden accessories to help make you garden beautiful Currently in stock; Ceramic pots, plastic pots, terracotta pots Cedar planters Watering cans, irrigation pots, rain chains, & water wands Garden ties, lawn edging, low garden fencing Hanging basket containers to make you own Hoses, sprinklers, sprayers & tank sprayers Trowels, shovels,rakes, hoes, pruning shears, saws, loppers, Tree wound dressing,pruning seal Garden gloves in all sizes, knee pads, Metal brackets, metal shepards hooks Bamboo stakes, wood stakes, plastic covered metal stakes