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Leylandii Cypress Hedging now in stock. 34.99 and 49.99 Reg.price. Now 20 % off those prices. It is Deer resistant and drought tolerant. Fastest growing hedge. Ideal for Vancouver Island! Space 4 feet apart for thick dense hedge!Plant in a rich,sandy,organic soil mixture. Keep well fertilized with 18-4-8 Tree,Shrub and Hedge fertilizer. Plus soluble Plant […]



Gardening Tips by Pat Van Hest, Owner/General Manager

Lawn Care: First of all LIME your lawn with FABULAWN PELLETIZED DOLOMITE LIME  to neutralize the acidic build up in soil attributed to our wet winters. Second, THATCH, POWER RAKE and AERATE your lawn.  Thatching in the spring removes all dead grass at the bottom of grass blades.  Dead grass is responsible for disease and […]