Leylandii Cypress Hedging now in stock. 34.99 and 49.99 Reg.price. Now 20 % off those prices. It is Deer resistant and drought tolerant. Fastest growing hedge. Ideal for Vancouver Island! Space 4 feet apart for thick dense hedge!Plant in a rich,sandy,organic soil mixture. Keep well fertilized with 18-4-8 Tree,Shrub and Hedge fertilizer. Plus soluble Plant Prod 30-10-10 Evergreen plant food once every 2 weeks through growing season. Summer is best time to plant Leylandii Cypress,they establish their roots and grow the quickest in summer. We know. We have sold 10 thousand plus since 1994 to local home owners

  The sale starts Thurs Aug 10 thru till Mon Sept 4 at 5:30 pm.  Don;t forget that every Wed is our Seniors Day, you get 20 % off regular price items.                                                                      

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